About the project

Mangrove Detectives is a citizen science program that will help identify mangrove disease and insect communities, while at the same time provide unique educational opportunities for students. By coupling field and lab activities and online tools, students receive a multi-faceted educational experience while contributing to science as mangrove detectives. We hope that this will introduce many students to the sciences and serve to encourage them to enter scientific disciplines.

Mangrove Detective lesson plans

Mangrove leaf with lesion

Outbreak Investigation

Learn all about plant pathogen research in mangroves by collecting, processing and analyzing diseased leaves. Report back your observations and results to help scientists understand what causes this disease in mangrove populations.

Mangrove leaf damage

Secret Agents

Help scientists understand more about the identity of insects that live and feed on mangroves! With the help of an instructional video, build and hang an insect trap from a mangrove to collect insects for the project.